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As I stated before, one of my goals is to promote blog fiction. There is already a lot out there, but not a lot of people know about it. That's why I'd like to point out what the sidebars of my blog are doing.

The left sidebar is dedicated to the rss feeds of currently active blog fiction. I have 3 requirements for getting onto the left sidebar.
1. The site must be a fictional blog
2. You must have an rss feed for the blog
3. Must currently be posting to the site.

The first 2 requirements are pretty obvious. The third one is because I figured it only makes sense to have feeds from active blogs.

On the right sidebar of my blog you'll notice a header called "Reader Resources" and under that a link labeled: "Grand List of Blog Fiction Sites". This is a link to the forums at my website. It lists all of the fictional blogs I've found. This includes all the ones you see on the left as well as ones that are inactive(finished or abandoned) and active ones that don't have a feed.

If you know of any blog fiction that isn't included, PLEASE let me know. Putting it in the forum list would be ideal. Leaving me a comment with a description of the blog fiction would be the next best choice. If it's an active blog fiction with a feed, I will add it to the left sidebar.


Tom Evans said...

Er... I am! I satisfy those conditions, though I'm not sure if I have an rss feed - I'm sure blogger would automatically do such a thing. My story has only just started but I've written 5 months ahead already for 1 post per day.

Fate's Acquittal

Rosey Haze said...

hello .. my story may suit your requirements, please read and enjoy.

Jane TheLostCity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane TheLostCity said...

Hey what's an rss feed?

The Lost City

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