U-Verse is popular


Holy Crap. Not having internet at home sucks. You may have noted my extended absence for going on 2 weeks. Well, I was moving and waited way too long to order my new internet service. For cable, after I call to sign up it only takes about a day or two to have the technician to come up and hook me up. With AT&T U-verse it actually takes more than 2 weeks. So after moving I ended up without internet longer than expected. Combine that with all the hassle of packing and moving I either haven't had time or haven't had the ability to read and post.

Anyhoo, I am back with a warning to readers. If you're getting U-verse for your internet connection, leave a lot of time between sign up and when you cancel your old service.


Aristotle Conman said...

What is the Weld Why'd Webb?
Who is Dr. Jaboulay or John lenin?
What is Arostotles "Cell your Cache" scheme?
Why does Homeless Joe have a turd in his bag?

All the ansers two these qwestions can be found on Aristotles blog.

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

But the break from the Internets has to be welcomed, no?


Eat Well. Live Well.

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