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I have two problems. First of all, I'm sure that everyone has seen the Grand List of Blog Fiction. For those who have seen it, the first thing you'll notice is that I reused the forum from my, now defunct, own Blog Fiction. I originally did this because I didn't really expect to find that much. Today, however, I'm at 38 and counting.

There is another problem. There is no active forum for blog fiction writers. In fact, with the exception of Novelr's very recent forum addition, there aren't even any forums for online writers. Sure, there's plenty of writer's forums, but they all concentrate on dead tree publishing. Or they are dedicated to some type of fan fiction.

As I'm sure you've guessed by now. I am now introducing the Blog Fiction forum( If you signed up for my Terran Resistance forum, you'll find that your old username and password have already been transferred. I've also transferred over all of the old posts that are relevant.

Something that you'll notice right away is that I still have the Blog Fiction "link forum". That will be my new grand list of Blog Fiction. I also have a separate "link forum" for general online fiction. A lot people have put links to their online writing in my forum that wasn't really a Blog Fiction. I don't like to leave any one out. Especially when there are so few places for online writers to gather. Therefore, I've put in the "link forum" and a general online fiction discussion. Blog Fiction being a subset of online fiction it really does make sense to allow those discussions as well. While this blog will remain focused on Blog Fiction, I will also participate in the forum at least as much as I do this blog

To promote the forums I'll be adding a feed of the latest topics to the right. If you subscribe to my blog feed, I would also encourage you to subscribe to the forum feed( Since things will probably be slow going at first, you can be notified when there are new topics started. Once a topic is started, if you're interested in it, the forum software will let you "subscribe" to that topic and send you an email when a reply is posted.

I hope the forums will be useful and fun for readers and authors alike. If you have any ideas on how to improve the forums let me know by leaving me a comment posting it in the forums :)


Big Melly Mills said...

It will be great to have a place to discuss blog fiction. Thanks for doing this!!!

Tahjir said...

It's amazing how quickly Blog Fiction seemed to die out. I remember reading a bunch of them a few years ago, and thinking about how interesting it'd be to try one.

But, of course, once I actually got a round to it, everyone had moved on!

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how fast this takes off.

DustinM said...

I know what you mean. I noticed the same thing. I wrote about it earlier in the year.

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