It feels so good to be back.


I am so glad to be bringing back the Blog Fiction blog. A lot of stuff has been going on. New sites to report on, new thoughts to share, and changing events to report on. The most significant for me is that my "vacation" let me remember why I started this site in the first place. Without the pressure of trying to write "something", I was able to again start reading blog fiction just for the pure enjoyment.

Lots of good news. There have been a lot of new sites added to the Grand List of Blog Fiction Sites. Some sites that were once lost or abandoned have come back from the brink. More on those in a later post. Two sites should be coming back soon: The last post of Evangeline's Ride said it should be back this month. Also, I exchanged a couple emails with the author of The End of Things and she said she'd be back by the end of this month . Unfortunately, there has been some bad news as well. Looks like a few sites were freshly abandoned. (see Time Traveler Blog) Maybe they should've read my article, 8 Strategies to Avoid Abandoning Your Blog Fiction.

Now that I am back I don't have any major projects to announce. I like to think of just picking up where I left off: Sharing my thoughts on the medium, reviewing and comparing past and current blog fiction projects, and doing what I can to help connect readers and writers. I would though like to make a renewed effort at promoting the Blog Fiction Widget. If you put it on your site you get free advertising on sites that also have it listed. Just copy the code and drop it onto your site. It's easy.

One final editorial note is that I will be reducing my posting time from three times a week(Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to only twice a week(Monday and Thursday). My reasoning for doing this is two fold. The first is to prevent burn out from happening again.

The second reason is to give me enough time to ensure that all of my posts have content worth reading and less fluff. So many advice columns for bloggers suggest you have a post everyday or at least every weekday. It doesn't matter what you say as long as you just post "something", they say. Supposedly, they say, only 1 or 2 of the posts need to be "substantive"- i.e. worth linking to. That seems like a good way for google's search engine to like you, but not a good way to get real actual readers to like you.

My goal is to make all of my posts something worth reading and linking. Therefore, I'm cutting my posting time to help eliminate the pressure to just publish "something". If I find that I have more to say I may go back to 3 times a week.

Anyways, as I said, it's good to be back. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as I did - and here's to 2009 -The year Blog Fiction becomes more popular than sliced bread.


Tahjir said...

Welcome back! It really does seem like blog fiction is becoming more popular. I think it's partially the fact that there are several sites like this and WFG around to spread the word.

Lethe said...

So glad to have you back Dustin!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :-) Good idea on cutting back on blog posts. I think the whole 'post every day' thing gets overused - on a personal blog, or one dedicated to SEO, sure, post tripe half the time, people won't mind. I post tripe far more than half the time on my personal blog, and I'm getting more subscribers every week. But on a blog like this? I agree with you, 'fewer substantial posts' wins over 'more tripe' ;-)

Lord Likely said...

Welcome back, sir! Truly, such an occasion deserves a hearty 'huzzah!'

So, then: huzzah!

DustinM said...

Thanks for all the welcome backs, everyone (and huzzah's). It's good to be back because I agree with Tahjir that it really feels like blog fiction and internet fiction are starting to grow and coalesce.

Ace said...

Just noticed you're back, sir.

I echo Lord Likely: "huzzah!"

Leroy J. Powers said...

Welcome Back!

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