Ten-Sided: Dissecting a Disaster Part II (Plot)


I already talked briefly about the characters of Ten-Sided. Let's take a look at the plot that developed over the 3 months. The plot of the different characters can be roughly grouped into 3 different sub-plots. Although, even those 3 different stories intertwine somewhat. *Warning, spoilers ahead.

The first, most straightforward plot, is the love story between Jez of J-Meister and Toni from Smooth Blue. This was actually a little fun. They had a little help from brim along the way. Through some weird stuff thrown a them by A.P., they eventually are re-united into a happy ending. They met up eventually on, what I'm calling, the "Lost" island.

The second sub-plot is a little less straightforward. There is one guy under house arrest, apparently for torturing cats in the aptly names, My House Arrest. Based on what he writes I have to assume that either he's in the twilight zone or, more likely, completely psychotic. Helped along with his psychosis is an equally crazy Lucy(Update: Typo) Leo of between moments. (link is unaccessible, you can only view it's republished feed at the Ten-Sided homepage). These house arrests are in houses on the "Lost" Island.

The Third sub-plot is well... about dolls. It started with this guy who makes, what I would describe as, designer dolls from hell. When I first read it, I thought that the reason I couldn't follow the plot was because I needed to know what was happening to the other people to get it. Then after reading the rest of the posts, I still don't get what's going on at the end. On the Lake by the Snacks, by the end is talking about dolls. He and brim from brims assemblage meet and find upon a village of doll like people. This village, as far as I can tell, is also located on the "Lost" Island.

Finally there were 2 blogs that didn't really do much of anything. First, there was Ezra Kire blog. All it is is some poems(perhaps song lyrics) posted. That's it. There might be some kind of concept album at work. Where he goes through depression, suicide, and afterlife, but to be honest, I'm not seeing it. The other blog that didn't do much was the Voidwalker's realm blog. Essentially, this character tried to write scifi. It sounded more like B rate erotica. He went on a date that turned out to be a setup for a reality tv show. Then he got in trouble for threatening someone in an MMORPG and quit posting. One post in the middle of may was his last post. He was supposed to keep going until June. He didn't really interact or relate to any of the characters and there wasn't really any "story" there.

So with that, I hope you'll see why I'm calling this thing a disaster. Looking at the disparate plots and sub-plots I think we have a second lesson. Make sure everyone is working within the same genre and tone. Don't have a couple people working on a romance, another couple writers writing as people descending into psychosis, and some more playing Dr. Livingston style explorers.

Next, I'm going to take some looks at the individual blogs inside Ten-Sided. We'll see what each person did that worked, and didn't work. We'll take a look at their interaction with others ss well as a more detailed plot for that specific character.


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