Blog Fiction I'd Like to See: Patriot Edition


I think Blog Fiction has a lot of potential. Most of it is still untapped. This post is going to be a little self indulgent while I list Blog Fiction that I would like to see and read. I think Historical Blog Fiction could be promising. I think it would be interesting if someone blogged as an historical figure. Whether or not the blog acted like it existed in the past, or acted like the historical figure blogging in today's world, it would have a lot of potential. So here are some examples of what I always thought would be cool to do. In honor(note the American Spelling of honour) of the holiday, I thought I'd concentrate on American Revolution Blog Fiction ideas.

Thomas Jefferson runs for president.
A satirical blog about what would happen if Thomas Jefferson were to run for president in 2008. The satire could attack the Mythos of our founding fathers as well as the sad state of our media. I think a historian whose also plugged into modern politics could make really make us think and laugh at the same time.

Example Post:
This morning I revealed the details of my plan for energy independence. I called it my second revolution. I was asked 10 questions by the attending reporters. 8 of them had to do with internet fueled rumors that I had a slave mistress and the other 2 were questions had to do with, "What was George Washington Like?"
This afternoon I saw one of my opponents attack ads against me. It had a bunch of schmucks whom I'd never met questioning my commitment to the war. They called themselves the "Musketmen veterans for truth". I doubt this attack will go anywhere.

Luckiest General Ever
George Washington is so often portrayed as an heroic and stoic figure. Widely regarded as principled and a military genius. Well what if he wasn't? What if he was completely inept, but really freaking lucky.

Example Post:
I hate winter. I can't believe I'm going to be stuck in the north for the next 3 months. My army and I were supposed to be to Valley Forge by now. Unfortunately, we got lost. Now, here it is Christmas Eve and we're still not to our winter quarters. Tonight we'll be marching on. I think I'm going to take a short cut across the Delaware River. I sure hope we don't run into any Hessians.
Ben and me
When you were young, did you ever think it would be cool to meet someone you were reading about in your history books? (Okay... probably not, but bear with me...) What if one of them showed up as a kid in your fifth grade class. As it turns out, he's come to organize a revolution from your overbearing teacher Mr. King. This would be like an after school special in blog format. It could be fun to make it as allegorical as possible to the American Revolution.

Example Posts:
The check mark heard around the school.
Mr. King gave us an extra math assignment on top of our normal 40 problems. My friends Lex and Connie stood up and said "no", it's too much of a burden for one fifth grader. He put a check mark next to each of their names (thus resulting in loss of recess doing manual labor instead). At recess, Ben had me send two kids from each reading group to meet him at the monkey bars. I didn't go and Ben wouldn't tell me what they discussed afterwards.

Getting help.
We wanted to egg Mr. Kings house. The problem is he lives way out on the other side of the freeway and we don't have enough bikes and skateboards to get there. Ben was talking to the kids in the other fifth grade class, Mr. Paris's kids. They have plenty of bicycles. They agreed to help us egg Mr. King's house. Apparently, they don't like Mr. King either. Ben called the agreement the Treaty of Paris.

Some of the suggestions might seem cheesy to you, but damn it, I would read those blogs. Happy Fourth of July!


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