July News Roundup


Some Interesting News Bits happening in the Blog Fiction World. Some old, some recent, all of it was news to me in the last week.

New site: Web Fiction Guide.

Jim Zoetewey visited the forums to let us know about a new website that he is apart of. It has a very professional layout. The core list of editors consists of both writers and web professionals.
There are the core reviews done by the editors, and also, anyone can register with the site and leave their own reviews. The easy navigation of the site alone will makes it an up and coming competitor to Pages Unbound. Also, if you're a writer of web fiction, you can send them updates about what you're doing and may get it published for added promotion.

Star Islanders being published.

Star Islanders is a standard blog fiction that I recently found. It posted consistently until the end of 2007. The latest post there says that she is working on a print version. I'll be curious to see how that goes.

Peep this diary showing signs of life

Peep this diary, the historical Blog Fiction site is showing signs of life after an unannounced break. The authors there had posted consistently since 2006, but suddenly stopped this past April. Earlier this month the blog showed signs of life and even tried to tie the absence in with the story. They also added fictional twitters.

Anonymous Lawyer in mothballs

Anonymous Lawyer announced his temporary departure in march and has posted nothing since. I think it's safe to declare it mothballed. That sucks, I liked him.

Horton's Folly Springing back to life

Horton's Folly went dark around mid April of this year and without explanation. This month it's come back posting regularly. The author, via email, has also indicated that posting will be more regular. Welcome back Horton, you crazy crazy person you.

Life In Bear Country still AWOL

... and I'm still kicking myself

Blog Fiction going on vacation.

That's right. I will be taking a planned 2 week vacation from this blog and forum that will be starting next week. Unfortunately, the important task of maintaining this blog will be interrupted by the frivolous activities of Holy Matrimony and something called a "honeymoon". I'll be gone July 30th until August 13th.


Big Melly Mills said...



Congratulations on your impending nuptials.

Fluffy said...

Just to say Congratulations and I'm back!

Anonymous said...

Dude, priorities! :-D

Seriously, congratulations. I hope it all goes smoothly and deliriously <-- in a good way! ie, have lots of fun, we'll be thinking enviously of you ;-)

Tom Evans said...

Very happy for you. That's great. I always like a good romance with a happy ending. Wait, this isn't *real* is it?

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