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Here's a pet peave of mine. People who go to the trouble of setting up a website, promoting it and then quite 3 days or 3 posts later. A very old list of blog fiction exists on this old blogger site. It hasn't been updated in years. I'd say more than half of the blogs listed their no longer exist, and I think I know why.

Of the fictional blogs that are still there I ran into 4 of them that have about less than 5 posts. These things didn't even have a chance. That means that these writers had a great idea. They thought it was so great that they started and promoted their site by getting it listed somewhere. All of that to only abandon it days later.

Check out Bite of Hope. Great idea for a fictional blog. 4 posts later it ends with a trip to the museum.

Then there's RavenStone. This was going to be a historical blog following a young English boy starting in the year 1968. Well, apparently, the author was as fickle as a 12 year old boy. 2 posts and 3 years later no reports on the status of the boy. I guess he lost his journal.

I learned on thing from the fictional blog, Mexican Year. Apparently, a mexican year only lasts 3 days. Because that's how long this hard working writer kept at it. This was an especially painful find for me because the author is a really good writer.

Finally, we come to And a Chimp Shall Lead Us. While this one lasted for 27 posts. However, all 27 of those posts were in less than a month. Also, about half of the posts read like this:

I had a cheeseburger for lunch, with onion rings. It's my favorite lunch.
So don't give the guy too much credit.

So while my last post was meant to encourage current blog fiction writers to keep at it, this post is meant to discourage. Discourage those from starting a blog fiction that will be abandoned days later.

Here's a test of your dedication. If you're going to write a fictional blog write the first 5 posts before getting a website. If after writing the first 5 you still have an itch to keep writing. Then please do so!(And let me know your web address) Otherwise, consider writing flash fiction.


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