Save Your Tuition Money, Read This Article Instead


After giving the worst writing tip ever yesterday, I figured I'd give a positive one today. If you're thinking of becoming a writer don't take a class, don't go to college just Read this article, How to create powerful characters. Read it, think about it, internalize it, reread it, and then just do it.

No matter what you're writing, having strong characters is the best advice anyone can give. If everything else in your story sucks, but you have good characters it can be fixed. The opposite is not true. Bad grammar can be fixed. Bad writing style can be reworked. A protagonist that nobody likes(or worse, doesn't care about) can't be fixed.

For Blog Fiction it's even more important. After all the entire story is being told from the point of view of characters. If it's a person that takes credit for other people's work that needs to be reflected in the writing.

As I write Terran Resistance, Alex Chou has the most detailed history. Some of that history will be revealed directly. Like that he was raised in a very conservative even regressive community. Some things are revealed indirectly: Like that he's very smart and doesn't respect authority. Other things may never be revealed. Like the fact that he's the oldest of 4 brothers. Until now, I'd never revealed that to my readers, nor needed to.


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