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One thing that disturbs me is the abandoned blog fiction. I don't mean a blog fiction where the story comes to a logical end or the Author announces the end. I'm talking about fictional blogs where the story stops in the middle of it without explanation. The story didn't end, there's no note from the author, just boom! It ends like it's some HBO show about mobsters.

My best guess about why this happens is that the author either gets bored or frustrated with the lack of audience. If the problem is the former I can't help, but if it's the latter I can. I want to assure these authors that if you keep it up the readers will come... eventually. I have been posting consistently on my own blog fiction for 2 months straight and I am just now beginning to see some traffic. *By traffic I mean that the number of people reading my blog that aren't me, my fiance`, or my mother is greater than 0.

One of the reasons is that it takes time for search engines to find you. It will take time to build enough content for search engines to trust you. It will take time for you to promote your blog. It'll take time to get yourself listed in all the dozens of blog directories out there(*Note I usually put mine in the "literature" categories).

If you are frustrated about lack of readership stay tuned. Promoting your blog fiction will be one of the topics I will be discussing frequently on this blog. In the mean time, KEEP IT UP!!!


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