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There is nothing I dislike more than being forced to guess if a blog is still active or not. This goes for both fiction and non-fiction blogs.

Here's the picture, you find a page on a blog that's interesting. You visit the blogs homepage. The latest entry is 4 weeks old. Looking at the archives you see that posting is usually at least once a week. Now you have to ask yourself. Is this blog abandoned, or is the person just get a little busy. Should you bookmark it and come back later, subscribe to the feed, or just write it off?

More and more I just write it off. I think it's good blog etiquette that if your normal posting schedule has gone awry for whatever reason, then you need to let people know. That way your current readership will know what's going on, and if any new readers come by they'll know that the blog isn't really abandoned.

That's why today I was going to post at terran resistance that posting was going to be suspended at least until Monday, the 24th (Stupid Day Job!). That's when I discovered that my site was down!!! Well, technically it's not "down", it's just that the server isn't processing my php code. Which, when your entire site is written in php, it results to your site being "down".

Anyways, that site is "down" and even after it comes back up, posting there, as well as here, will be suspended at least until the December 24th (Hello Christmas vacation!).


Wilf said...

Thankyou for linking to Wilf's World! I will return the compliment. Meanwhile have a very happy christmas!

DustinM said...

Keep up the excellent work wilf. Thanks for the link back.

I did have a very merry Christmas, btw.

Wilf said...

On the subject of active blogs! I have stopped Wilf until 1st May - sorry. You may be intersted to know that Wilf's World is being pulished by The Friday Project sometime this year. Hooray!!

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