Hardest working fictional blogger: Jean-Luc Picard


If there was an award for hardest working blog fiction writer it would definitely go to the person running Captain Picard's Journal. It's only day 7 of 2008 and they already have 4 posts into the new year. Not only that, they also kept new content flowing all through the holiday season. Kudos.

Now contrast that work to me. From December 11th until now, I essentially fell off the face of the blogosphere. Makes me feel like a slacker. Although, looking at the rss feeds on the right, it looks like I'm not the only one who's posting slowed down in December. So that makes me feel a little better.

That's the tough part of writing blog fiction. Not only does it require all of the writing skills of other types of fiction writing, but you have to be creating new content constantly to keep readership up - just like in a normal blog. I have no doubt that Captain Picard's Journal's flow of new and consistent content makes it so popular. The rest of us blog fiction writer's could learn a thing or 2 from it.


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