My Apology Letter to Odin Soli


I wrote a post a while ago about Blog Fiction that never had a chance. One of the blogs I made fun of was the Mexican Year. Here's what I wrote:

I learned on thing from the fictional blog, Mexican Year. Apparently, a mexican year only lasts 3 days. Because that's how long this hard working writer kept at it. This was an especially painful find for me because the author is a really good writer.
Well, it appears that the author, Odin Soli, has since picked up the blog again. Apparently this is his third try trying to write Mexican Year. When I originally found the site, I must have caught him in between tries. Since then the Author has written over a hundred thousand words on it in the last 4 months. I'll be adding the site to the list and his feed to the left side.


Odin said...

No need to apologize, DustinM. I thought it was a great line.

You know how it goes -- the more time invested in writing, the less time invested in career, wife and kids, friendships, etc. Those opportunity costs get more expensive every year.

DustinM said...

>>I thought it was a great line.

Glad you have a sense of humor!

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