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I already did one review. I have another review coming up. Before releasing it, I thought that I would clarify my numerical rating scale. I wanted to be clear that 6,7, and 8 are very solid ratings. So, if you are looking for a good blog fiction, you should know that a '6' is worth your time, even though it may only translate to a B-\C+

10. Masterpiece - No way to improve it without ruining it.
9. Near Masterpiece - Room for only the most minor of minor improvements
8. Solid, Professional, and entertaining - Better than most writing
7. Recommend taking a look, guaranteed you won't be disappointed.
6. Worth taking a look.
5. Average writing that's Worth a look if you've already read everything else
4. Below Average - Suffers from either bad writing, bad story, bad characterization, or terrible site layout
3. Bad, suffers from several of the following: Simplistic plot or severe plot holes, flat writing, too much "telling", 2 dimensional characters, bad site layout
2. Nearly Incomprehensible story, characters, and\or writing
1. Dan Brown


Tahjir said...

Ouch. Woe to anyone who ends up being compared to Brown.

Anonymous said...

I agree. "Down with Dan Brown!" funny stuff.

DustinM said...

I thought people would find the Dan Brown joke funny. Though, I hope I never have to use the rating in a review.

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