Are "Fake" Blogs, Blog Fiction?


I've been wondering for a while if I should include "fake" blogs in my list of blog fiction. First though, some definitions on what I'm talking about.

First of all, I don't mean a hoax blog. That is a blog where it tries to fool you into thinking it's real. Something where somebody makes up a person and tries to make everything think it's real. Nor do I mean a fake blog or 'flog' that a multi-national company's marketing team creates to force fake stories and information.

What I am talking about is a fake blog of a famous person. Where somebody pretends to be a famous person, but is obviously a parody. Examples abound:
The Secret Diaries of Janice Combs
The Secret Diary of Steve Ballmer
and of course the most famous, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

I don't even know what to call these fake blogs. They aren't really a fake or a hoax because you know they're fake. "Parody Blog" seems to broad. I'd like a good name for them because you can't say "fake" when talking about them.

I'm thinking of including them because the blogs are funny and popular; however, they don't really tell a story and are used exclusively for parody. If these blogs continue to explode in number and popularity, I may create a separate list for these "fake" blogs that's separate from the Grand List of Blog Fiction.

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Passionate said...

for what it's worth I would like to hear about these "fake" blogs as you find them, but as you suggest in a separate list set apart from the main fiction blogs.

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