Is Blogger Favored among Blog Fiction writers?


Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Nucleus. These are just a few of the many many different ways that you can blog. All of them are popular and have a lot of users. However, which of them is most favored by us Blog Fiction writers? Of all the Blog Fiction that I've found, here's the breakdown of the software that is used:

Anonymous Lawyer
Captain Picard's Journal
(Un)Dead Man Blogging
The Darth Side
Wilf's World
Atyllah the Hen - Chicken with Attitude
The Professional Pet
Confessions of a Blogger
Transplanted Life
Modern Vampire
The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely
Horton's Folly
Secret Blog of a TV Controller
Fleet Commander
The New Year's Resolution
Diary of a Killer
Fictional Blogs of Original Super Heros

The diary of dastardly deeds, space cowboy
Yanni's Block
Confessions of a CEO
Life in Bear Country
The Mexican Year
Up and Onward (Confessions of a Super Hero)

Action Figure Diary
Unknown Ship, Unknown Planet
Terran Resistance

Square Space:
The User Pool

Peep This Diary

As you can see Blogger is the far and away favorite amongst blog fiction writers. WordPress is a distant second. Or is it? As I've documented (twice), google tends to favor blogs hosted on Blogger. So, I had the thought that the reason so much of the blog fiction I've found is hosted on Blogger is because that's what comes up in my google searches.

Therefore, I started trying to tailor my searches to find blog fiction not on Blogger. In my first try, I succeeded. After doing a search on typepad "blog fiction", I found a blog fiction called The Cranky Product Manager. I've added it to the Blog Fiction List, and, since it's active, I've added it to my feed.

Over the next few days I'll be trying to find some non-Blogger blog fiction to see if Blogger really is favored, or if it only seems favored because it's easier to find.


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